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Tim Eian is a Passivhaus consultant based out of Minneapolis. Eian’s Passivhaus In The Woods project was certified last year in one of the harshest climates in the lower 48 – and was an interesting study on how even there, assemblies over R-100 aren’t needed. The project itself is a sweet modern box that will last for generations.

One of Tim’s latest undertakings is a high energy retrofit in the Minneapolis ‘burbs. The retrofit will be shooting for EnerPHit certification. The project, titled ‘MinnePHit’ can be followed on the owner’s blog, which is documenting many of the issues and solutions to the variety of problems inherent in a retrofit. Definitely worth reading.

EnerPHit was a program started by the PHI for the certification of high-efficiency retrofits. It came about due to a number of retrofits that were shooting for Passivhaus certification but due to a multitiude of issues (cost, existing building conditions, etc) attaining the high standards just wasn’t feasible. EnerPHit is not a watering down of Passivhaus, but an alternate path of certification.

The requirements for EnerPHit are:

  • Space Heating Demand: ≤25 kWh/m²a (~7.9 kBTU/ft²a) for heating and cooling
  • Primary Demand: ≤120 kWh/m²a + ((Space Heating Demand – 15 kWh/m²a) * 1.2)
  • Air tightness: ≤1 ACH50 

Additional Links

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  • passipedia entry on EnerPHit
  • passivhaus trust (UK) presentation on EnerPHit (pdf)
  • Dr. Burkhard Schulze Darup EnerPHit presentation from the 2010 PHIUS conference (pdf)

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